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Noodles in a cup (CUTE NOODOLL)

*AOSAGI Kobo collaboration product


The familiar noodles in cups are now available in 1/4 scale!


For those who are "in the middle of eating", the chopsticks that are often found in food samples are floating. You can create the wind of eating just by placing the hand of the doll. Also, if you are "finished eating", you can create a state before eating by closing the lid. The lid has adhesive that can be opened and closed many times, so you can arrange it as you like, such as "closed", "slightly turned over", or "completely removed".


As for the size, the cup is designed to be 1/4 scale, which is a big size for humans.


In various situations such as in the room, camping, normal meals, emergency food, etc.

Please enjoy.


*All products are handmade, so there may be unevenness in color or chipping. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

2 types of cup noodles

  • *Price including tax: ¥3,300-


    *This product iswithin 2 weekswill be shipped. (Please note that if you order a pre-order item at the same time, it will be shipped together.)



    "While eating" / "End of eating" + 2 sets of chopsticks

     Materials: PET, polymer clay, resin, paper, bamboo shoots
    [Size] Only for 1/4 and 1/3 dolls

  • All handmade by craftsmen.

    Please handle with care as it is extremely delicate. Please note that we cannot accept returns due to damage, etc.

    * Due to the nature of the material, please avoid using it in direct sunlight and places with high temperatures as much as possible.

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