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"Cushion" is now available in the Japanese series!


The cushions designed by dolFun! Are a bit different.

The unique and special structure reproduces the natural sinking that feels heavy even when a relatively light doll sits. Also, by reproducing the sinking, you can get a proper hold feeling, and the doll you sat on will not fall down easily.


Silk is used for the thread, assuming that the doll's skin will be in close contact for a long time. The seat surface is made of fabric that has passed the long-term color transfer test by adhering it to soft vinyl in a damp state.


For preventing stains and color transfer due to outdoor poses of soft vinyl and cast dolls. It can also be used as a cushion for cameras and smartphones.


There are 6 types of patterns in the Japanese series "Cushion" that combines realism and function!

Please choose your favorite pattern according to the scene.




Difficulty: ★ ☆☆☆☆

Japanese series "Cushion" 6type

  • * Price including tax ¥ 1,650-


    * This item will be shipped within 3 business days. (Please note that if you order at the same time as the reserved item, it will be included.)



    ・ It will be the price of one cushion.


    ・ Body size: Length 18 cm x Width 18 cm x Height 1 cm (There are some errors)


    ・ Materials: cotton, silk thread, cotton


    [Compatibility] 1/4/1/3 dolls in general

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