A premium "birthday cake" is now available for dolls!

We will deliver the name of the important doll on the cake plate.


In addition, the candle-like numbers that come with the set are 1 to 9 and 0, so you can change the number every year to celebrate. Up to 2 digits can be displayed. When not in use, it can be stored in a luxurious box, so it can be used as an interior decoration.


* AOSAGI Doll Lab collaboration product


* All of these products are handmade, so there may be color unevenness and chips. Please note before purchasing.


* It will be shipped in about 3 weeks after receiving the order.


* The name of the plate can be entered in Roman letters up to 7 characters.

Please enter your name (up to 7 letters) on the plate and add it to the cart.

Premium birthday cake set

  • Premium birthday cake set

    This is a pre-order sale .

    Current delivery time: Approximately 4-5 weeks

    【set content】


    Cake stand

    Candle-style number

    Happy Birthday name plate



    * For accessories other than cake, the color and pattern may change depending on the purchasing situation. Please be aware of this before purchasing.


    Cake: Resin clay

    Cake stand: tinplate

    Candle-like number: resin, wire

    Plate: Resin clay, wire

    Bouquet: paper, clay

    Box: cloth, paper

    [Size] 1/4/1/3 scale

    Cake: Diameter about 70mm x Height 70mm

    Bouquet: Approximately 100mm in diameter x 100mm in height

    Box: Width 110mm x Height 110mm

    * Please enter your name (up to 7 letters) on the plate and add it to the cart. (If you do not need to enter your name, please write "Not required")


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