The second in the Chair series!


We reproduced the chair in a teahouse that can be said to be a Japanese tradition. The contrast between the black light and red of the Urushi paint is very beautiful, and even if it is placed in the room, it will be a picture.



The parts of the chair are made from the hands of the furniture maker and have a synthetic lacquer finish. In addition, a real rattan is wrapped around the middle of the umbrella, and the atmosphere is perfect.


The umbrella and stand can be separated from the chair with one touch. By separating it, you can use it as a normal bench as well as carry it.


It is a dish full of the manager's insistence. Due to the material, it will be sold in limited quantity .

Chair wa [Limited Edition]

  • This is a limited reservation sale . It will be shipped in about 2 months.

    -It is a finished product.

    -Umbrella and stand can be separated. (Removed at the time of shipment)

    ・ Material

    Chair: Wood, synthetic lacquer, felt red

    Umbrella: Wood / paper / acrylic painting

    Umbrella stand: Aluminum, rattan, nylon (joint)

    Size: Width 600mm, Height 710mm (163), Depth 185mm (150)

    * () Is the size of the chair only

    Adaptation: 1/3 doll

  • This product is not drip-proof. Please refrain from using the product where it will be splashed with water.


    We have done a color transfer test for about a week and confirmed that there is no problem, but please avoid contacting the outer skin of the doll for as long as possible.


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© 2019 Faith Design

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