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Introducing " Frame Crotch Next "!

That "Frame crotch" is a full model change to the next generation type.

The hip joint, which was a conventional fixed type, is equipped with a slide mechanism, and the hip joint slides diagonally downward and forward when operating greatly. This minimizes soft vinyl interference and makes it possible to improve the range of motion of the hip joint without difficulty.

* This product is a custom part that greatly improves the range of movement by replacing the hip joint parts of the smart doll.

Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆

Frame Crotch Next for SMART DOLL for old frame

  • * Price including tax ¥ 6,600


    * This item is reserved. It will be shipped in about one month.

    -Can be replaced with genuine parts without processing.

    ・ Material MJF


    Adaptation: Smart Doll Old Frame


    * The doll in the photo is in a pose with the "Frame knee" incorporated. Click here for the product page of "Frame Knee"


    * Cortex is not supported.

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