The second in the dol Fun! frame series!


The range of motion is greatly improved by replacing the knee parts of the Smart Doll.


Frame knee for SMART DOLL assembly for new frame

  • * This item will be delivered immediately. It will be shipped within 3 business days.

    -Can be replaced with genuine parts without processing.

    ・ Material MJF

    ・ SMART DOLL genuine frame built-in

    * It is recommended to cut the lower part of the thigh to improve the fit of the knee when standing upright. Click here for details

    Adaptation: Smart Doll New Frame

    * The doll in the photo is in a pose with the "Frame crotch" incorporated. Click here for the "Frame Crotch" product page

    * Cortex is not supported.


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© 2019 Faith Design

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