The first in the Head series! "Head rabbit" is urgently released!


Reproduce the rabbit ears with two movable sides. A set of cute pink metal colors.

Stylish twin earrings are attached to the ears. It is one article concerned with design.


* It is a set of "Head rabbit" and "Choker bell".

* Mounting is easy because it uses a magnet.

* The Choker series is a special product that is lightly weathered with separate parts for the ring and metal fittings.

(SMART DOLL / MDD / OBITSU50 compatible)

Head rabbit (Choker set)

  • [Details]

    ・ Attach a magnet between the doll head and the wig with tape.


    ・ Material MJF


    [Size] 1/3 Doll only [(SMART DOLL (WOMAN) / MDD / OBITSU50 compatible)]