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“KIMONO series” 2023, “Renge” made from real kimono, is now available!


``Renge'' is a doll-sized kimono made by unraveling a pure silk long-sleeved kimono, but the length is made slightly shorter, making it a modern kimono that can be matched with boot styles.



Since you can match it with your existing boots, you can easily take outdoor photos of your kimono without having to worry about dragging the hem and getting it dirty. If you want to pair it with something other than boots, you can create a modern atmosphere by wearing dark-colored socks such as black.


The lining is jet black, giving it a modern look.



The parts that come into contact with the doll are made of white fabric, reducing the risk of color transfer. (Although it has passed a one-week patch test, there may be risks depending on the environment such as humidity and temperature, so please be careful not to store it undressed.) The obi is tied in a large ribbon, and the front The design allows you to see a glimpse of the obi even from the inside, making it look great.


It fastens with Velcro, so you can put it on with one touch, and you can also adjust the waist thickness.



For smartdoll users, there is also a hole for a stand socket, so you can easily take photos while standing. The fabric used for the obi, collar, and hair ornament is a Kasuri fabric called Meisen, which was popular as a fashionable kimono for women from the Taisho to Showa periods.


By using old fashionable fabrics, we create an antique atmosphere.



The packaging uses a paulownia wood box, which is ideal for storing pure silk. The paulownia wood box automatically adjusts the humidity and has the effect of repelling insects. If not worn, please store it in a paulownia box.



The KIMONO series ``Renge'' is perfect for the end of 2023. Be sure to make it your doll.



KIMONO series “Renge”

Out of Stock
  • Price including tax 42,900-


    *This product will be shipped within 2023. (Please note that if ordered at the same time as a reserved item, it will be shipped together.)



    Kimono: pure silk


    Obi: pure silk, Velcro, string, beads


    Collar: pure silk, cotton


    Hair ornament: pure silk, metal

    【set content】

    Furisode kimono



    hair ornaments

    paulownia box

    [Size] For 1/3 doll only

    [smartdoll *Suitable for S/M/L bust] [DD/DDS/SDGr] and others for 55cm to 60cm

    *The above set contents will be delivered. Also, other dolls and boots are not included.

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