KIMONO series 2021 model first "Yukata" Aoi

* "AOSAGI Doll Lab" collaboration product.

Turn a real kimono into a doll. "KIMONO series" 2021 model is now available!

It is a yukata with the image of "colored yukata" rented out at luxury hot spring inns. You can wear it not only for hot spring situations, but also for casual outings such as summer festivals, fireworks, and cool evenings. Two colors of obi are included, so please enjoy arranging according to your image.


⒈ 100% silk kimono fabric used

Both front and back are made of 100% silk kimono, which is smooth to the touch.

2. Easy to dress

Since the extra part under the band called Ohashori is sewn in advance, you can easily put it on. The length of the obi is short, and it looks like a ribbon even if it is tied tightly.

3. With holes for the stand

There is a hole near the bottom of the belt where you can insert the stand for smartdoll, and you can use the stand to make standing shooting easier. If you do not attach the stand, the hole will be hidden by the belt, so it will not be noticeable.

4. Comes with a two-color band

Since the obi with different two-color atmosphere is attached, you can change the obi according to the background and wig of the doll and enjoy the arrangement.

[What is KIMONO series ]

The "KIMONO series" uses genuine kimono fabrics.

Unlike ordinary printed fabrics, the fabric of the real kimono is unraveled and tailored for the doll, and it is a genuine-oriented kimono that inherits the traditional Japanese culture as it is.

Make your doll the "KIMONO series" that you are particular about.

KIMONO series "Yukata" Aoi

  • KIMONO series "Yukata" Aoi

    This item is for immediate delivery . It will be shipped within 3 business days.

    Outer material: Pure silk

    Lining: Pure silk

    Obi: Pure silk

    【set content】


    Obi (2 types included)

    [Size] 1/3 doll only [smart doll / DD * S / M / L chest compatible]

    * Costumes only will be delivered. In addition, other dolls and shoes are not included.


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