The 4th "KIMONO series" born from real kimono is now available in the highest grade "KIWAMI " series!


A collaboration product of AOSAGI Doll Lab and dol Fun!


"Aya" is a furisode made from pure silk kimono with a hem pattern for dolls. Depending on the condition of the pattern, you can only get 3 kimonos at the maximum, and the patterns that appear in each are not the same, so it can be said that there is no one-of-a-kind kimono in the world. (Because you have to take a long piece of cloth for furisode, the pattern on the back of the sleeve will be reduced. Please note before purchasing.)


We use a black fabric for the edges, but the part that comes in contact with the doll is a white or light pink fabric, which reduces the risk of color transfer. (Because there is a risk depending on the environment such as humidity and temperature, please be careful when storing it while wearing it.)


The obi is a knot that is often used for furisode called "Kurajaku". Since it has a pin on the back, it can be installed with one touch. The hem undershirt is a rolled skirt type, but the sleeve undershirt is integrated with the kimono, so you can wear it easily and enjoy the effect of seeing the undershirt.


The boots style is a Taisho romance style, and the tabi is a normal Japanese style, both of which are possible designs. (Boots and socks are not included)


There is also a hole for the stand socket for smartdoll users, so standing shooting is easy.


Hair ornament and faux fur shawl are included in the set.


The faux fur shawl can be easily cut with scissors, so you can arrange it to your liking.


Make your doll the "KIMONO Goku series" suitable for the highest grade.

KIMONO KIWAMI series "Aya" (Aya) with matcha set

¥28,000 Regular Price
¥26,000Sale Price
  • * This item will be shipped within 3 business days. (Please note that if you order at the same time as the reserved item, it will be included.)



    Kimono / Obi: Pure silk, synthetic fiber


    Hair ornaments: synthetic fiber, metal, resin


    Matcha set: resin, resin clay, wood


    【set content】

    Furisode kimono

    Undershirt style skirt


    hair ornaments

    Matcha set



    [Size] 1/3 doll only

    [Smart doll * S / M / L chest compatible] [DD / DDS] Other 55 cm to 60 cm compatible


    * The above set will be delivered. In addition, other dolls and shoes are not included.


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