Collaboration product of Aosagi Doll Lab and dol Fun!


A real kimono for a doll. "KIMONO series" is now available!

It will be a single item full of insistence.



⒈ All genuine Kimono fabrics are used

Unlike ordinary printed fabric, it is made from real kimono fabric for dolls. Therefore, the same pattern can be produced only about 1-4 pieces. Depending on the design, there are also unique ones, and these kimonos are for genuine items that have inherited Japanese traditional culture as they are.


⒉ 100% silk lining

The chilly, smooth feel of silk that I always felt when putting the sleeves through the kimono. I wanted to reproduce it for dolls, and the lining used for kimono was 100% silk. As a result, not only is it doll-friendly, but it also beautifully expresses shots with a slightly flipped hem.


⒊ Partially hand-sewn

All original kimonos are basically hand-sewn. Unfortunately, some sewing machines are used to increase production efficiency, but some of them are sewn by hand so that there are no perforations on the surface and they are closer to the real thing.


⒋ smartdoll with stand mounting holes

There is a hole for the stand socket so that the stand can be mounted and made stand up, so standing photography can be done easily.


⒌ Easy to wear and adjustable size

Wearing the same specifications as a real kimono on a doll is a heavy burden for the owner. Therefore, while adopting the original specifications, some of them are different from the original specifications, and are devised so that anyone can wear them. Also, since there is a surplus part under the obi called "Ohashori", the length can be adjusted, it can be worn on dolls with different heights, and it is also a specification that allows you to wear a big back wind called "Drag" I am.


The "KIMONO series" that you stick to is your doll.

KIMONO series “Kiyo” with shaved ice

  • KIMONO series "Kiyora" with shaved ice


    Outer fabric: synthetic fiber

    Lining: Pure silk

    Obi: Pure silk


    Shaved ice: Resin, Silicon


    [Size] 1/3 doll only [smart doll / DD * S / M / L chest compatible]


    * It will be a costume and shaved ice. Also, other dolls and shoes are not included.


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© 2019 Faith Design

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