Collaboration product of AOSAGI Doll Lab and dol Fun!


The second edition of the "KIMONO series" created from a genuine kimono!

It will be a one-of-a-kind item full of insistence.



⒈ Uses 100% silk fabric

The outer and inner linings are made of 100% silk kimono, and the smooth lining protects the doll from color transfer.


2. Easy dressing

The front opening allows you to wear it without removing the head, and the belt is a one-touch type with a hook fastening, so you can easily wear it.


3. Abundant accessories

A large obi bandage, a fan-like decoration, a bracelet, and a hair accessory using Swarovski are included as an accent, so you can enjoy arranging it without having to buy anything else.


⒋ With stand hole

There is a hole under the kimono belt that allows you to insert a stand for smartdoll, and you can use the stand to make standing shooting easier. If you don't attach the stand, the holes will be hidden by the belt so it won't stand out.


5. Shaved ice made by Aosagi Shokudo

Since it is a kimono inspired by the summer festival, we will add festive style shaved ice. Please use it for summer production.


The "KIMONO series" that you stick to is your doll.

KIMONO series "Rin" (with phosphorus) with shaved ice

¥16,000 Regular Price
¥14,500Sale Price
  • KIMONO series "Rin" (phosphorus) with shaved ice



    Kimono: Silk


    Accessories: Metal plating, glass, nylon, synthetic fiber


    Shaved ice: Resin, Silicon


    【set content】

    Mini kimono x1


    Folding fan decoration

    hair ornaments


    shaved ice



    [Size] 1/3 doll only [smart doll *S/M/L chest compatible]


    ※It will be a costume and shaved ice. Also, other dolls and shoes are not included.


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© 2019 Faith Design

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