A collaboration product of AOSAGI Doll Lab and dol Fun!

The third "KIMONO series" born from real kimono!


"Kurenai" is a set of Bingata kimono and long haori, and is tailored in a Taisho romance style.

Bingata is one of the traditional dyeing techniques that originated in Okinawa. Natural dyes are used as dyes, and it is characterized by a flashy pattern that is typical of a tropical country influenced by China and other countries.


With the image of Taisho romance, the design looks great in both Japanese and Western styles. Please try to coordinate with the boots style like a modern girl from the Taisho era. You can also enjoy two different arrangements such as a pattern without haori.



⒈ 100% silk lining used

The lining is made of 100% white silk kimono, which is smooth to the touch and protects the doll from color transfer.


2. Easy to dress

This kimono has a string attached. By tying it with a string, it is easy to put on and it is prevented from collapsing. The obi is a one-touch type, so you can easily put it on.


3. With holes for the stand

There is a hole under the kimono belt where you can insert the stand for smartdoll, and you can use the stand to make standing shooting easier. If you do not attach the stand, the holes will be hidden by the belt, so it will not stand out. (There are no holes in the haori. Please put the haori on the stand.)


4. With accessories convenient for shooting

A beret is included to make it easier to create a Taisho romance style. It has a hairpin so it can be easily attached.

A set of autumn leaves-shaped Japanese sweets and matcha. Please use it for shooting the autumn leaves season.


Make your doll the "KIMONO series" that you are particular about.

KIMONO series "Kurenai" with matcha set

  • * This product will be shipped on October 23, 2020 (Friday). Please note. (Please note that if you order at the same time as immediate delivery, it will be included)


    KIMONO series "Kurenai" with matcha set



    Kimono / Obi: Pure silk, synthetic fiber


    Beret: Wool felt, metal hairpin


    Matcha set: resin, resin clay, wood


    【set content】





    Matcha set



    [Size] 1/3 doll only [smart doll * S / M / L chest compatible]


    * The above set will be delivered. In addition, other dolls and shoes are not included.


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