"Only one" doll necklace is now available!

We will deliver it with your favorite letters and stones (Swarovski) on the plate.

The main body plate part is processed into a three-dimensional bulging circle to create a strong presence. In addition, a cute set Swarovski shines.

In addition, the characters are engraved in a 2mm size font with a little playfulness.

The gold letters casually insist.

It's fashionable to engrave not only the doll's name but also the user name of SNS etc. Please casually appeal "only you".

* All of these items are handmade, so there may be some scratches. Please note before purchasing.

* The name of the plate can be entered in Roman letters up to 7 characters.

* Please check the character sample for the characters that can be engraved.

* There are 12 types of stones (Swarovski).

(1) Enter the characters to be engraved on the plate (up to 7 alphabetic characters) and add them to the cart.

(2) Select from 12 types of stones (Swarovski) to be set on the plate and add them to the cart.

Only one necklace typeA

  • ※ tax included price ¥ 3,850 -

    This is a pre-order sale .

    Current delivery time: Approximately 2 weeks ~

    【set content】

    Necklace body

    Private case


    Plate: Aluminum metal, Swarovski

    Chain: Tan copper / brass


    Body: Approximately 13 mm in diameter

    Chain: Approximately 140mm in length

    Character: 2mm, gold paint

    * Please enter the characters (up to 7 letters) on the plate and add them to the cart.

    * All of these products are handmade, so there may be color unevenness and chips. Please note before purchasing.

    * Specifications are subject to change without notice due to material reasons. note that.