Speaking of takeout, pizza! Introducing AOSAGI Pizza.

* AOSAGI Doll Lab collaboration product


Since it has one notch, you can also give it to the doll. Online pizza ordering that creates various situations throughout the year. We'll be expecting you.


* All of these products are handmade, so there may be color unevenness and chips. Please note before purchasing.


* If the delivery is purchased at the same time as the regular size pre-order item, it will be bundled with the pre-order item. Please note.

AOSAGI pizza

  • [Details]

    Pizza / pizza box set



    Resin clay / paper


    [Size] For 1/4 and 1/3 dolls

  • All are handmade by craftsmen.

    It is ruthlessly delicate, so please handle it with care. Please note that we cannot accept returns due to damage.
    * Due to the nature of the material, avoid direct sunlight and places with high temperatures as much as possible.


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© 2019 Faith Design

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