dolFun! Putting set is now on sale!


The putter of the set has a reality finish that can be understood by those who understand it. Since the putter can be expanded and contracted, it can be used for dolls of 40 cm to 60 cm! Not only the mat and ball are set, but also a visor with a cute ribbon on the back is included.



-The head of the putter is specially painted to pursue reality.

-The grip has the "dolFun!" Logo.

・ Three balls are included

-The mat is 70 cm (2.1 M in the real thing).

-The visor supports head sizes of approximately 8 inches to 10 inches.

(Compatible with SMART DOLL, MDD, DD, OBITSU50, etc.)

dolFun! Putting set

  • dolFun! Putting set



    A set of putter, mat, ball x 3 and visor.


    ・ Material

    Putter: Nylon, resin, steel

    Ball: Nylon

    Matte: Nylon felt

    Visor: Synthetic fiber / Polyester


    * The shaft of the putter can be expanded and contracted according to the doll of 40 cm to 60 cm.


    * The visor can be adjusted with a ribbon from about 8 inches to 10 inches.


    * The dimples of the ball are distorted and do not roll exactly straight. Please enjoy the atmosphere.


    [Size] 1/4 / 1/3 doll only [(Compatible with SMART DOLL / MDD / DD / OBITSU50, etc.)]

  • This product is handmade one by one. There is some color unevenness.

    In addition, the head part of the putter is specially painted, and it dislikes strong friction and moisture. Please be careful not to touch the outer skin of the doll with the head part as there is a possibility of color transfer.

    * The grip has been designed to prevent color transfer.


    Please note that due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns due to these causes.