The second series of Japanese series! 1/3 scale tatami mats are now available!


Tatami, which can be said to be a Japanese tradition, is reduced by the hands of skilled tatami craftsmen. You can decorate a doll on a single tatami mat, or combine several tatami mats to create a Japanese-style room. Expanding the way you can enjoy Doll Life!



Original tatami mats are mostly made of rush, but this product uses washi paper. This reduces the color burns that often occur and the development of mold.


In addition, the eyes are finer than regular tatami mats, and they do not impair the sense of scale. Regarding the tatami mat, the width is about 1 cm in the case of 1/3 scale, but we decided to make it 2 cm wide to create an atmosphere.


A doll-sized tatami mat made by a tatami craftsman who has inherited the tradition and technology of its 74th anniversary. I recommend it with confidence.

Japanese series "Tatami" 6 tatami set

  • This is a reservation sale . It will be shipped in about 2 to 4 weeks.


    -It is a finished product.


    ・ Material

    Tatami table: Japanese paper

    Tatami mat: synthetic fiber

    Tatami floor: wood board


    Size: Width 600 mm, height 23 mm, depth 300 mm x 6 sheets

    * Approximately one-third scale of Chukyo

    * When reproducing a typical 6-mat room: 1200 mm x 900 mm


    Adaptation: 1/3 doll


    * After selecting "Tatami-rim", put it in the cart.

    * This page costs 6 tatami mats.


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