Collaboration product of wasuka and dolFun!

Collaboration between Japanese and Western weaving from old kimono clothes. wasuka is a one-of-a-kind piece that has been carefully finished by a professional staff with a careful finish that does not reveal the seams.

Wasuka Doll【02】

SKU: wasuka0002
  • Because it is a roll skirt, it can be worn on almost any doll regardless of the manufacturer.



     Kimono kimono

     Elegant black fabric

     Cute frill lace neck



     Aperture crest

     Dark pink and white dots and Kanoko aperture are old-fashioned

     Matching with the black background of Edo Komon

    Outer (tops, bottoms): 100% silk

    Lining / Lace: 100% synthetic fiber

    [Size] 1/3 doll only [DD / DDdy / Smart Doll * S / M / L Chest Compatible]

    ※ It will be delivered as a set of tops and bottoms. Other dolls and shoes are not included.


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© 2019 Faith Design

© 2019 Faith Design

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