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『KIMONO order』

"KIMONO order" is a kimono ordering system that can be freely combined.

You can freely order fabrics, obi, doll sizes, etc. while maintaining the quality of the popular "KIMONO series". In the future, we plan to continue to offer a lineup of mini lengths, drag furisode, etc., and the combinations will expand infinitely.

Enjoy your own unique world of "KIMONO" with "KIMONO order".


【 How to purchase KIMONO order 】

① On the kimono product page with the "uchikake" tab, select the fabric and add it to the cart.
② If necessary, select the set contents and add the product with the "Kakeshita / Zori set" tab to the cart.
③ On the product page with the "Order Sheet" tab, select all the items and add them to the cart.
④ After paying from "Proceed to check-in", the order is complete.
* The "Kakeshita / Zori set" can also be purchased separately.

* You can specify the order size of the kimono from SMARTDOLL, DD, DDS, MDD, and Obitsu 50.

【 Precautions when using 】
・ As soon as the ordered kimono is completed, it will be shipped to the specified address.
・ The ordered kimono cannot be canceled due to the order system.
・ We cannot return the product due to customer's convenience, such as the image of the product you received is different.
・ The amount of fabric and obi that can be cut out is limited, and as soon as they are exhausted, they will be replaced with new fabrics and obi patterns.

   What's New 

◇ Next time, we plan to replenish the dough from March to April.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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