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About "wasuka"

“WASUKA” was created based on the concept of “regeneration and rejuvenation of old cloth” and introduced so that it can be worn on TV and other costumes.

Waska carefully unravels kimonos that are no longer used. In addition, we make the most of the width of the fabric and finish it over time.

Traditional kimonos have a variety of patterns, weaves, textures, and many high-quality fabrics carefully crafted by craftsmen. Using traditional Japanese beauty of these kimonos
Wasuka is a creative winding skirt that harmonizes with easy-to-wear clothes.

Doll costume "Wasuka Doll"

dolFun! will collaborate with Wasuka and sell the doll costume “Wasuka Doll”.

The size of wasuka was resized to doll size. Of course, it will be an original item and will not be worn by other doll owners.

It may cost a little because it is the same manufacturing method as the original wasuka, but you will be impressed by the appearance of your own doll wearing “wasuka Doll” only for you.

We accept full orders and personal use


Please contact Neimii if you want a complete order with my existing kimono and my doll.

* Click the Neimii logo to open the “Wasca Shop” on a separate page.


Nami Morita

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