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How to submit deck print design images

(1) Download the template for deck print order from the image (PNG) below.
(2) Click on the image and click the download button.
(2) For iPhone, tap the download button → View → Press and hold the image → Save to Photo to save the image to your photo app.
If you are using Photoshop, click on the image marked "ATT" to download the PSD file. (Please output to JPEG and upload from the form.)

② Create a design in the same size as the template on your PC or smartphone application.

③ Upload the completed PNG file from the form "+Upload" at the bottom.

Fill in the required information and click the "Submit" button to complete acceptance.


Notes on image creation 】 【Notes on image creation

(3) Image editing software is required to create an image. Please use a free application to edit the image.
Recommended free image editing software:
GIMP for windows

The template is created as a transparent file. You can confirm the approximate cut position by overlaying the cut line of the deck shape on the created design image.

Please delete the template file you overlaid to check the cut lines and upload only the design image with the image resolution preserved.

Templates are created at 910 x 3508 pixels. Do not change the pixel count and ratio. If the size of the image must be changed due to the software used to create the file, we will adjust the size to some extent. Please make your design as large as possible (within 12 MB) so that the resolution of the print will not be reduced.

If you are using Photoshop, we recommend that you upload a JPEG file that has been converted to CMYK. (The resulting image will be slightly darker than the color tones seen on the screen.)

Click on the appropriate deck type

Click here for Photoshop file

デッキプリント オーダー受付フォーム





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