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How to incorporate 「Chair 円」

❶ Check if the parts are ready.


❷ Set the cross-shaped parts in the dowel holes on the legs with dowels as shown in the illustration.
* Small cross is on the top and large cross is on the bottom.


❸ Pay attention to the orientation while referring to the figure.
*    Legs and cross parts have orientations. If they are in the wrong direction, they cannot be inserted until   the end.

❷ ダボが付いた脚のダボ穴に、十字の形をしたパーツをそれぞれ図の様にはめ込みます。

​  ※小さい十字が上、大きい十字が下になります。


❹ Insert to the end as shown.


❺ Fit the top and bottom of the cross part firmly into the leg as shown.


❻ Fit the other doweled leg firmly on the other side.


❼ Fit the legs without the dowels on the other two tips.


❽ Set so that the dowel of the top plate fits into the dowel of the built-in leg and fits firmly.


❿ done.


「What to do if the dowel becomes loose」

■ After repeated assembly and disassembly, the dowels may loosen. In that case, wet tissue
  Soak the water in the dowel. Originally, dowels compress and expand with moisture.

  This will return to the original fit.

  * Just soaked lightly. If you do it for a long time, the dowel will become too fat and the fit will be tight.     There may be too much water.

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