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How to incorporate `` dolFun! Frame crotch ''


❶ Hold the thigh of the smart doll body and pull out the shin to separate it. (Both left and right)

❷ Warm the thigh skin around the hip joint with a dryer or heater to soften the skin.

❸ Pull out the softened skin in the direction of the shin.

❹ When the state shown below is reached, warm the crotch and soften the outer skin.


Remove the soft crotch hull from the inner frame and move it left and right as shown in the figure below.


Grasp both thigh frames and pull the hips and hip frames apart as shown below.


Remove the hip joint frame from the displaced side as shown below.


Loosen the four screws on the back and replace with genuine hip parts as shown below.


Tighten the four screws on the back side to return it to its original state as shown below. * Tighten the screws with care not to lick them.


As shown in the figure below, put one foot through the crotch and return it to its original state.


Insert the part surrounded by the lower red circle to the end and connect it to the waist part. If it is difficult to insert, warm until the crotch outer skin is full, and insert it while shifting the outer skin.
∙ * This product is adjusted to the insertion point. We check and adjust one by one, but insertion may be difficult due to individual differences. In that case, apply a small amount of grease to the tip.


Attach this product to the crotch and attach the removed thigh.

・ If you feel that the holding power of the joint is weak, use a file (approx. 240) on the sphere, apply adhesive, and slightly increase the outer diameter to increase the holding power.

・ If the thigh is left bent for a long time, the skin (soft vinyl) may be deformed, but after warming it with a heater or dryer, return it to its original state until it becomes soft.

・If you bring your thigh close to your chest, this product may come off your waist. In that case, please insert this product into the waist again.

■ Checkpoint

dolFun! おススメ!


dolFun! おススメ!


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