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That's it. Let's go out with the doll. .

How do you take your dolls out when you go out? Is it the same? Or do you not take it out because you are afraid of getting it dirty or dropping it? I wrapped it in plastic and wrapped it in a soft cloth. . . I'm always careful.

That's me. . Instead, we developed it for doll owners. . Name it



Isn't it really cute? This is Doll's sleeping bag. Of course, we arranged it in many wonderful ways in the dolFun! style.


So, as usual, I would like to introduce a little bit of "NeBUKURO".


"NeBUKURO" was developed with the theme of "carrying dolls safely and stylishly."

First of all, the entire doll is covered with soft cloth. And be stylish. We incorporated cuteness and playfulness into these two elements.


The inside of the doll, which comes into direct contact with the doll's skin, is made of quilted fabric that is resistant to fading and tearing. The white fabric is designed to prevent color transfer and gently wraps around the doll.


​ Also, the zipper part has a large tongue sewn with quilted fabric, so there is no need to worry about damage to the body due to contact with metal fittings.




``NeBUKURO'' is not only concerned with the fabric.

YKK products are used for zips that are frequently opened and closed. By using larger knobs and links, we consider durability and ease of opening and closing. The luxurious zip sound produced by the large top will make you feel very comfortable.

There are D-rings on the top and bottom of the main body. Attach a string or carabiner to hang it on the wall, or prepare a shoulder strap to use it as a shoulder bag. You can also just hang it like a bagworm and enjoy its cuteness.


​The next video shows how to take the doll in and out. If you are interested, please take a look.

*Please be careful about the volume.


The most distinctive feature of "NeBUKURO" is the window.

You can protect the doll's face with the included clear head cover to show off the doll's face, and if you close the lid with the tongue, the face will not be visible and will protect your precious face from sunlight. Of course, it is also possible to enjoy your face in its natural state without any tongue or cover. ​

Arrange it as you like and let doll owners enjoy it. That's why dolFun! never forgets to be playful.


The first sale will be available in 5 color patterns including normal, camouflage, cow, leopard, and star pattern. New colors will be added from time to time according to seasons and events. looking forward to.

The charm of “NeBUKURO”. Did you convey it clearly?


Please try to find various ways to use it with your own arrangement. I'm sure the doll's life will be even more wonderful.

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