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Introducing the doll skateboard “BOARD”!


"BOARD" is a real skateboard developed for 1/4 to 1/3 scale dolls.


I scaled it down to maintain a sense of scale with the doll. 60cm class dolls are tall and have long legs, so they will feel a little small if you use a standard skateboard size. Therefore, the total length, width, height, and tire size were fine-tuned many times to match the 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm size dolls. It has an exquisite size that fits a wide range of dolls without any discomfort.


``BOARD'' is not just a ``toy'' that just puts a board on a tire.


We cut out plywood that is relatively resistant to warping, and treated the tail part with bent wood. By covering both sides of the polished and fine-tuned board with weather-resistant printed material, we created a glossy, weather-resistant deck.


The track part reproduces the gimmick of the deck tilting just like the real thing with a unique design. In addition, the movement of the wheels (tires) when a load is applied in the direction of bending is also reproduced, making it a finish that even experienced skateboarders will be satisfied with.*The hardness of the track (easiness of tilting the deck) can be adjusted using a box wrench (7mm).


``BOARD'' was born with the theme of ``a fun and decorative skateboard.''

I'm sure she will become a companion for you and your doll.



*"Deck print order" is also available..





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  • *This product isPre-order productsIt becomes.1-3 months laterwill be shipped. (Please note that if ordered at the same time as a reserved item, it will be shipped together.)


    *Tax-included price ¥15,400-



    Skateboard for dolls



    Plywood, PETCF, stainless steel, resin




    Length 27cm Width 7cm Height 5.5cm

    *Due to individual differences due to handmade items, these are approximate numbers.


    *All dolls from 40cm to 60cm, including DD, DDS, DDP, MDD, Obitsu, SMARTDOLL, and cast dolls.


    *The product photo is a development sample product. The design and specifications of products for sale are subject to change without notice. Please note on your purchase.

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