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"Bus stop pole" debuts!


The bus stop sign that you often see is now available in doll size.



The material is mainly stainless steel, and the expression of "rust" is applied to the white paint in some places. In addition, the name of the bus stop is made-to-order, and you can specify a name of up to 4 characters when ordering.

*On the timetable, the specified bus stop name (〇〇) will be written as "for 〇〇 North" and "for 〇〇 South".


The photo is a prototype, and the product you receive is all handmade, and the painting and aging process may differ from the posted photo. In addition, the post base is made of concrete, and all cracks and chips are different. Please note on your purchase.





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bus stop pole

Out of Stock
  • *Price including tax ¥30,800-


    *This item isMade-to-order productbecomes. After confirming the orderAround 1-2 monthswill be shipped.


    ・This is a finished product. (The pole part and the pedestal are separated)


    ・Materials: Stainless steel, cement, aluminum, paper

    ・Product size: Height approx. 63 cm, Width 12 cm, Depth 12 cm


    Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note on your purchase.

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