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A simple "bench" appears in the Chair series!


There are fashionable ones, and there are old ones that you don't want to sit on. A bench that can be encountered in various places.

"Chair Bench" was designed with the image of somewhere in between these benches.


A well-used bench that stands in the same place for years and decades. A lot of people are sitting, and countless wounds are engraved.


The "Chair Bench" that we are preparing this time reproduces the atmosphere of being used with scratches on purpose.

Simply place it on the ground. With that alone, it will melt into the background as if it had been there for a long time.


In addition, "Chair Bench" made it possible to remove the backboard. As a result, you can enjoy a western-style bench with a backboard.

By removing the backboard, you can enjoy it as an orthodox Japanese style bench. A simple, stylish and slightly greedy bench is ready.


Don't overdo it and blend in naturally. such a bench.

By all means at hand of your doll life.



chair bench

  • *Price including tax ¥14,300-


    *This item isImmediate deliverybecomes.Within 3 business dayswill be shipped.


    ・Finished product

    ・Material: rice pine

    ・Clear oil finish



    Overall: Width 380mm Height 205mm (130mm) Depth 130mm (125mm)

    The number in () is for the seat surface.


    Suitable for: 1/4, 1/3 dolls in general

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