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A round chair made from high-quality beech wood and furniture craftsmen. A new mini is now available at “Chair Yen”!


The more you use it, the more you use it, the more you use it, the more you use it. The long-selling "Chair circle" with the catchphrase has been adjusted to be easier to sit on than before, and has been made into a mini type.


The Chair circle was designed mainly for 60cm size dolls, and tended to be a little too high for 40cm or 50cm size dolls. The height of the mini has been lowered by about 5cm, making it sized so that a 40cm to 50cm doll can comfortably sit on it.


*The size is perfect even for a 60cm doll. When you sit it down, your legs will have a good footing, making it easier to sit down.


In addition, it can be easily disassembled, so it can be stored compactly and carried.


This is a great product that not only people who are looking for a chair for their 40-50 cm dolls, but also doll owners who already have Chair Yen, should use it. You will not be able to part with its loveliness.


*The product will be shipped unassembled. (Easy assembly just by fitting the dowels)



Chair circle mini

  • *Tax-included price ¥5,500-(Special release commemorative price)


    *This product isPre-order itemsIt becomes.1-2 months laterwill be shipped.


    ・Assemble and use.

    ・Material: Beech wood


    Seat height: approx. 15cm


    Suitable for: All 40cm to 60cm dolls


    *Dolls and costumes shown in the images are not included in the product.


    *The product photo is a development sample product. Products for sale are subject to change in design and specifications without prior notice. Please note on your purchase.

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