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“Chair Yen” is now available as “Next”!


``Chair Yen Next'' was developed with the theme of a chair that can be used easily anytime and anywhere.


The seat is made of synthetic leather and has cushioning properties, making it possible for the doll to sit stably without slipping. If you remove the seat, you can carry it compactly.


The stand, which is mainly made of aluminum, will not flop even if you handle it somewhat roughly. You can throw it into your bag without worrying. In addition, the height can be adjusted in 4 stages by opening and closing the tripod. Another great feature is that it can be used in a variety of situations regardless of the doll size.


*The seat top and tripod use 1/4 screws, allowing you to attach a camera, etc.


For example, as a place to store dolls during photo shoots.

For example, as a stand at an event venue.

Sometimes it can also be used as a camera tripod.


``Chair Yen Next'' will surely be useful as a supporting role in various doll activities.




Chair Circle Next

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  • *Tax-included price ¥7,700-


    *This product isReserved itemIt becomes.1~3 months laterwill be shipped.


    ・This is a finished product. (Only the top plate needs to be assembled)

    ・Material: wood, synthetic leather, aluminum, etc.



    Seat diameter 10cm

    Height: Minimum 6cm - Maximum 17cm

    Width maximum 30cm

    *Numbers are approximate.


    Suitable for: 1/4 to 1/3 scale dolls in general

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