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dolFun! Frame series "Frame crotch" installation service.


Please send the doll body at the customer's shipping cost. After installing and adjusting the "Frame crotch", we will return it by mail.


* "Frame crotch" is not included in the product, so please ship the purchased "Frame crotch" with the doll. If you want to install it at the same time as purchasing, you need to add "Frame crotch" to the cart separately from this product.


* This product is a domestic service only.

* Installation is for domestic service only.

dolFun! Frame crotch mounting

SKU: frame_sm_0005
  • * This product requires a reservation.

    ・ We will install the "Frame crotch" at this shop.


    Adaptation: Smart Doll New / Old Frame

    * Cortex is not supported.

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