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"DOOR" debuts!


An orthodox wooden door arranged in Western style has been scaled down to doll size.



"DOOR" is a 1/3 doll size, very simple door with the image of an orthodox Western style. Simple but authentic is the dolFun! style. If you pick up the handle of the door and pull it towards you, it will open and close up to about 180 degrees with a notch sound. You can enjoy the realistic opening and closing action just like the real thing.


Considering portability, the windows are made of highly durable and transparent acrylic. In addition, the acrylic can be removed by loosening 3 screws, and maintenance such as scratches, cracks, color patterns change, etc. can be done by the user.


The pedestal can also be removed by loosening the screws. You can easily create a wall with a door by simply placing the "DOOR" without the base and leaning it against the wall. For those who are good at DIY, it is also possible to make a wall with a full-fledged opening and closing door by processing a hole that matches the size of the outer frame and fixing it to the wall.


Please try to create various "DOOR" worlds with your ideas. When you open the door, there will be a wonderful space just for you.





Out of Stock
  • *Price including tax ¥30,800-

    *This product is a reserved product. It will be shipped in 1-2 months.


    ・This is a finished product. (Pedestal partial assembly)

    ・Material: wood, metal

    ・Product size:

    Door frame inside: Height approx. 65 cm, Width approx. 27 cm

    Door outer frame: Height approx. 70 cm, Width approx. 31.5 cm, Depth approx. 3 cm

    Pedestal front and rear extension: front about 20cm rear about 10cm


    *Designed for 1/3 (about 60 cm) doll size. 1/4 (about 40 cm) size such as MDD will be released separately.


    *Product photos are development samples. The specifications of products for sale are subject to change without notice. Please note on your purchase.


    * Plates and curtains in the image are not included. Also, accessories other than dolls and doors are not included.

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