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"Clothing girder" appears in the Japanese series!

The kimono has a vivid color pattern with a three-dimensional effect woven with silk, and the dignified appearance of the silhouette to wear is good. The Japanese series "Kimono" is a doll-sized kimono that you can decorate while fascinating our popular "KIMONO series" and the kimono you have.

The silhouette of the Japanese seires "clothing girder" is reproduced with the dolFun! Original design with reference to the actual clothing girder. The size is also fine-tuned and designed for doll-sized kimonos with reference to the real thing.

To use, pass the suspended round bar through the sleeve of the kimono and set it with the attached tufted string. It is also possible to hang a band on the horizontal bar located in the middle of the main body.

Japanese series "clothing girder" with synthetic lacquer paint and special golden paint. It is a gem that you can enjoy fashionably as an object in your room, and it will brightly color the space of you and the doll.

For 1/3 doll

Japanese series "Clothing girder"

Out of Stock
  • * Price including tax ¥ 19,800


    * This item is a reserved item. It will be shipped around the end of February 2022.


    ・ Finished product

    ・ Materials: hemlock and pine

    ・ Synthetic paint ・ Special golden paint



    Overall: Width 620mm Height 580mm Depth 230mm


    Adaptation: 1/3 scale doll in general

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