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Yukata" 2024 from the "KIMONO series" created from real kimonos is now available!

All the fabrics used are MADE IN JAPAN. All the fabrics used are MADE IN JAPAN. High quality kimono fabrics used in the summer season are carefully unraveled and tailored for 1/3 dolls. This yukata with a very cool pattern will surely ease the hot summer of this year. Available in two colors, red and lapis lazuli blue.

 The obi, accented with high-tone colors, enhances the doll's cuteness. In addition, the accompanying flower decoration is decorated with traditional Japanese mizuhiki. Mizuhiki has the meaning of repelling evil and bringing people together, and the butterfly knot is a knot used in times of celebration that can be visited many times. The bow knot is used to tie a bow, which is used on occasions of celebration, to avoid bad luck and to bring happiness again and again. It can also be used as a hair ornament.


The package is made of paulownia wood.

The paulownia box not only keeps insects away, but also regulates humidity, making it ideal for storing important clothing.


KIMONO series "Yukata" will bring you and your doll a wonderful summer.


Difficulty level: ★★☆☆☆

KIMONO series "Yukata" 2024

  • Price including tax 18,700-.


    This item is available for immediate delivery (shipping within 3 business days). (Please note that this item will be shipped together with the pre-order item if ordered at the same time.)


    Detail】】Yukata: cotton

    Yukata : Cotton

    Obi : polyester

    Flower decoration : metal, paper, synthetic fiber

    Contents】Yukata: cotton, obi, flower decoration, paulownia box

    Size] Exclusive for 1/3 doll

    Smartdoll *S, M, L breast compatible] [DD, DDS] 55cm~60cm compatible with others

    SDGr] (Confirmed)

    The set will be delivered with the above set contents. No other dolls or accessories are included.

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