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Introducing a new "magic wand" that glows in the dark!

A magic wand that uses "Okinawa Firefly Glass" that glows dimly in the dark with phosphorescence. The main body is black with aging paint with a bronze dry brush, and it has a profound feeling that you can use great magic.

In addition, materials such as plastic and resin can be damaged if dropped or loaded. This product is made flexible by using an aluminum skeleton and a soft material. If the height is 1 to 2 m, it will not break even if it is dropped carelessly.

A "magic wand" with a design that seems to match the image of a mage rather than a magical girl.

Experience a different world with your doll.

Magic wand mini

Out of Stock
  • *This product is a reserved item and will be shipped in about 1-2 months.(Please note that if you order a pre-order item at the same time, it will be shipped together.)


    *Price including tax ¥9,350-



    magic wand mini



    Stone: Okinawa firefly glass

    Body: Aluminum/EVA material

    Painting: Aging painting treatment (bronze)



    Stone: about 18mm in diameter

    Cane: Length 500mm Width 110mm Thickness 20mm

    Weight: 120g

    *Because there are individual differences due to handmade products, the figures are approximate.


    * General dolls in the 40 cm to 45 cm class such as MDD


    *Only the cane is sold. Dolls and costumes in the photo are not included in the product.

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