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Introducing “Muscle X”, a training machine exclusively for dolls!


"Muscle X" is a training machine developed for 1/4 to 1/3 scale dolls.


The training function of ``Muscle Of course, the ways you can use it are endless depending on the arrangement!


Main materials used include reinforced aluminum frames, stainless steel pipes, and carbon materials. We pursued strength and texture. A total of 12 plates are included, 2 each of extra-large and large plates, and 4 each of medium and small plates. You can enjoy changing the dumbbells and barbells according to the situation by increasing or decreasing the number of plates.


The foot pads used to simulate crunches and leg extensions are made of thick urethane that resists color transfer. We have also taken into consideration damage to the doll's legs that come into close contact with it.


In addition, the surface of the bench seat is made of synthetic leather and has cushioning properties that gently support the doll's body. Of course, it goes without saying that it is comfortable to touch and highly realistic. Furthermore, the bench seat can be rotated up and down, allowing for relatively compact storage.



Try recreating your own training room with ``Muscle X.''

I'm sure the doll with a nice body will be proud of you, the trainer.




*This product does not have an actual training function, so the doll's muscle strength and system will not change. Please enjoy it as an image.


*The barbell hook is based on a 40cm doll for the lower row and a 60cm doll for the upper row.


*Foot pads and bench seats have been subjected to long-term color transfer patch tests to confirm that there are no problems, but depending on the environment such as temperature and humidity, there is a possibility of color transfer. Please avoid touching the doll's skin for long periods of time as much as possible.






  • *This product isPre-order productsIt becomes.1-3 months laterwill be shipped. (Please note that if ordered at the same time as a reserved item, it will be shipped together.)


    *Tax-included price ¥37,400-



    Training machine for dolls “Muscle X”



    Frame: Reinforced aluminum frame/PETCF


    Bench seat: wood, synthetic leather, quilted cotton, PETCF, urethane


    Logo towel: cotton


    Screws: stainless steel, aluminum




    Body size (barbell installation/maximum arm extension)

    : Depth  48cm Width 43cm Height 36cm Seat height 14cm


    When stored (barbell not included)

    : Depth 11cm, Width 30cm, Height 46cm


    towel with logo

    :Length 27cm Width 10cm




    *Due to individual differences due to handmade items, these are approximate numbers.


    *All dolls from 40cm to 60cm, including DD, DDS, DDP, MDD, Obitsu, SMARTDOLL, and cast dolls.


    *Only training machines are sold. The doll and costumes shown in the photo are not included in the product.


    *The product photo is a development sample product. The design and specifications of products for sale are subject to change without notice. Please note on your purchase.

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