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A new friend "Mirror" appears in dolFun!!


A very nice stand-type full-length mirror is now available.


Beech and black walnut are available as materials, which are familiar in the Chair series. Considering the same texture as the Chair series, it is an excellent companion for doll furniture.


There is always a commitment to the products released by dolFun!. There are ultra-thin mirrors that are often used for miniatures and can be easily cut with scissors, but they tend to be distorted and the quality of the finished product is poor. "Mirror" uses a common mirror that has been used for a long time, with a thin silver film on the glass. In addition, by intentionally using wood for the hinge part of the stand, we were particular about the texture when viewed from the side or back. If you take it in your hand and set it in front of the doll, you will be convinced of its texture.


The slim and fashionable "Mirror" can be used not only as furniture for dolls, but also as your desk mirror. By all means at hand of your doll life.




  • *Price including tax ¥15,400-


    *This item isReserved itembecomes.1-2 months laterwill be shipped.


    ・Finished product

    ・Material Beech or Walnut (Clear oil finish)

    ・Glass, plywood



    Overall: Width 130mm Height 500mm Depth 145mm (25mm)

    * () is when stored


    Suitable for: 1/4, 1/3 dolls in general

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