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A limited version of the doll storage bag “NeBUKURO” is now available!


Coloring that makes emerald green stand out on a silver base. Pink and black accents. This is the birth of "NeBUKURO" which is suitable for limited edition.



"NeBUKURO" for doll was developed with the theme of "carrying your doll safely and stylishly."

The window opened at the position of the doll's face not only allows you to see the doll's face, but also makes it look cute.



The inside of the sleeping bag is quilted and gently wraps around the doll's soft vinyl or cast skin. A special PVC clear cover is included for the head part, and by covering it, you can reduce the mess of the wig and damage to the doll's face when taking it out. Another nice feature is that there is a quilted tongue in the area where the large YKK zip and the doll touch.


The outer skin of the sleeping bag is made of durable, water-repellent material (with some exceptions). Protects your precious doll from dirt and color transfer. Dirt can be removed just by wiping it lightly. Additionally, water-repellent fabric is used on the inside of the footwear, making it difficult to get dirty even if you put dirty shoes inside.


Equipped with D-ring fittings on the top and bottom of the sleeping bag body. You can hang it or arrange it like a shoulder bag by preparing a shoulder strap. By equipping the doll's back with a string to secure it when the doll is stored, we have taken into consideration the vertical misalignment of the window and face position due to the doll's weight.


"NeBUKURO" can be used not only as a sleeping bag for dolls, but also as a carry bag and storage bag.

Both you and your doll will love it.



*Two patterns can be reproduced: one with the doll's face visible and one with the doll's face invisible.

*The clear head cover is made of a material that does not easily generate static electricity, taking into account the wig's disturbance.



The special page for “NeBUKURO” ishere



Please check out the review of "NeBUKURO" below.


boy and vampire


・Mekara@The end of the doll owner



“NeBUKURO” Limited type 01

¥15,000 Regular Price
¥14,000Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • Price including tax ¥15,400-


    *This product isPre-order productsIt becomes.1-2 months laterwill be shipped.



    Body: Laminated fabric, synthetic leather, bias tape, quilted fabric, D-ring, YKK zipper

    Head cover: PVC sheet

    Name tag: thermal ribbon, hook and loop fastener

    [Size] Can be specified

    Length can be specified from 35cm to 63cm. (1cm increments)

    Please specify by entering the numbers referring to the following. (The following values are suitable for bare feet. If you always wear shoes when storing them, please add 1 to 2 cm for the height of the shoes.)

    Obitsu 50:51

    *Sizes are typical values. Since there are individual differences, we recommend that you measure the height of your doll.


    【how to order】

    ① Please refer to the list above and enter your desired size.

    ②Please write the name of the name tag you would like.

    ③Add to cart and make payment.


    *Characters that can be used on name tags

    ・Hiragana, katakana, alphabet (uppercase and lowercase), numbers

    ・Symbol @ # ¥ & * % - + = / !?


    *Dolls and accessories shown in the images are not included.

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