"Open-air bath" is now available in the Japanese series !

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the ultimate in luxury.

You can enjoy as much as you want at home when you want.

* There are two 60 cm dolls in the cypress bathtub. Up to 3 people can take a 40 cm doll at the same time.

The Japanese series "Open-air" uses three types of wood depending on where it is used.


The bathtub, which plays the leading role in the open-air bath, uses cypress wood. A waterproof bond is used to prevent water leakage, and you can enjoy a realistic atmosphere by pouring hot water into the bathtub.

* Please keep the temperature of hot water up to 50 ℃.

* We do not guarantee long-term water leakage. (Be sure to read "Handling Precautions")


We mainly use very valuable domestic hemlock wood, which has excellent durability such as roof skeleton. It also has excellent wear resistance, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.


Chestnut wood, which has excellent durability and water resistance, is often used for pillars in Japanese buildings. Chestnut wood is also used for the pillars of this product.

A cypress bath that is indispensable for Japanese harmony.

Enjoy the open-air bath as much as you like, when you want. The everyday life of a wonderful doll will be waiting for you more than ever.

Click here to find out more about the charm of the Japanese series "Open-air" (currently creating a page)

Difficulty (assembly): ★★ ☆☆☆

* The photo is a prototype. Specifications may change without notice in the product version.

* This product is basically not shipped overseas. However, if you really want the item to be shipped, please contact us using the form.

Japanese series "Open-air"

  • ※税込価格 ¥107,800


    和series 『露天』









     大 バスタオル(縦230×横300)

     小 タオル(縦230×横100)





     桧: 浴槽・湯口

     栂: 屋根・屋根骨格・すのこ

     栗: 柱

     湯口: 桧

     排水金具: ステンレス

     束石: コンクリート(モルタル)

     こだわりタオル: 布



    全体: 幅800mm・奥行800mm・高さ870mm

    床面設置サイズ: 幅630mm・奥行630mm