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“Spin Chair” series second edition!


The second product is ``type W,'' a wood style that is conscious of nature.


While maintaining the basic functions of the ``Spin Chair,'' we have added a seat and back board that are luxuriously carved from natural wood.

Available in two colors: natural and dark. Each piece is cut from natural chestnut and walnut while observing the wood grain.


The theme of "type W" is a fusion of nature and futuristic feeling.

Its silhouette has been carefully designed so that it can also be used as a stylish living room object.



Of course, dolFun!'s style is not only about design, but also about functionality. By separating the seat plate and back plate, a reclining mechanism for the back plate has been added. This makes it possible to rotate while lying down.



``Spin Chair'' is a chair developed for 1/4 scale dolls that, as the name suggests, ``spins''.

There are various types of rotation. When I turned it by hand, it only turned once. . Rather, it has a built-in ball bearing, so it rotates anyway.



"Spin Chair" is composed of more than 50 parts, and in addition to "swivel", it has all the basic functions of a desk chair, such as "angle adjustment", "elevating function", and "caster movement". Equipment. Enjoy a realistic desk chair.



The original designer chair "Spin Chair" type W was born with an eye on the times.

It will surely help you realize your dream doll life.



*1 This product uses natural wood. Do not store for long periods in hot and humid places. Also, if you drop it, it may crack or chip and cause damage. Please handle with care.


*This product uses a 3D printer. Although a simple surface treatment has been performed, there may be some lamination marks or chips. Please note on your purchase.


*Please do not leave this product in your car during the day when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees. There is a possibility of deformation due to heat.



Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

"Spin Chair" type W

  • *This product isPre-order productsIt becomes.1-3 months laterwill be shipped. (Please note that if ordered at the same time as a reserved item, it will be shipped together.)


    *Price including tax starts from ¥30,800



    "Spin Chair" type W



    Body: Natural solid wood, carbon fiber, PET, stainless steel, ball bearing


    Surface treatment: Acrylic semi-gloss clear paint finish (leg arm part)



    Body size: Height 270mm Width 160mm Seat surface 130mm to 150mm


    Weight: 395g

    *Due to individual differences due to handmade items, these are approximate numbers.


    *General dolls from 40cm to 50cm such as MDD


    *Only the chair is sold. The doll and costumes shown in the photo are not included in the product.


    *The product photo is a development sample product. The design and specifications of products for sale are subject to change without notice. Please note on your purchase.

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