Introducing a chair that can be climbed in the Chair series!


It faithfully reproduces the angle of a typical stepladder, and the step part has a trapezoidal shape that becomes thinner as it goes up. The design is a work of art, which is designed so that multiple angles, which are difficult to entangle, are entangled, making it look like a full-scale stepladder.



Let's take a look at the "dol Fun! Chair stepladder," which is not only the design, but also the fine details finished by skilled furniture craftsmen.


For 1/3 doll

dolFun! Chair stepladder

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    ・ Finished product

    ・ Material Walnut material

    ・ Clear oil finish


    Overall: Width 240mm Height 520mm () Depth 315mm ()

    Between steps: 1st step 95mm 2nd and subsequent steps 90mm

    Top plate: Width 180 mm Depth 100 mm

    Climbing surface angle: 70 degrees * Varies depending on the installation environment

    * () Indicates when stored

    Adaptation: 1/3 scale doll in general