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The second Japanese series! 1/3 scale tatami mats are now available!

Tatami, which can be said to be a Japanese tradition, has been reduced by skilled tatami craftsmen. It is good to decorate a doll on one tatami mat, or you can combine several to make a Japanese-style room. Expand your doll life!


The original tatami mats often use rush, but this product uses Japanese paper. This will reduce the tendency of color burning and mold growth.

In addition, the eyes are finer than the normal tatami mat, and the scale is not impaired. The width of the tatami mat is about 1 cm for the 1/3 scale, but to create an atmosphere, we dared to make it 2 cm wide.

A doll-sized tatami mat made by a tatami craftsman who inherits the tradition and technology of 74 years. I recommend it with confidence.

Japanese series "tatami" 0.5 to 6 tatami

PriceFrom ¥3,000
  • This is a pre-order sale . It will be shipped in about 3-4 weeks.

    -It is a finished product.

    ・ Material

    Tatami table: Japanese paper

    Tatami edge: Synthetic fiber

    Tatami floor: Wood board


    0.5 tatami width 300mm, depth 300mm, height 23mm

    1 tatami width 600 mm, depth 300 mm, height 23 mm

    4.5 tatami width 900mm, depth 900mm, height 23mm

    6 tatami width 1,200 mm, depth 900 mm, height 23 mm

    * Approximately one-third scale between Chukyo


    0.5 tatami mat 3,000 yen

    1 tatami mat 3,500 yen

    4.5 tatami mats 15,000 yen

    6 tatami mats 19,000 yen

    Adaptation: 1/4/1/3 doll

    * Please add to the cart after selecting "Tatami mat" and "Size".

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