The wall series is finally here! The first is a Japanese-style room with the theme of traditional Japanese tatami mats and shoji screens.


There is no omission in the wall series . Each piece of wood is carefully finished to reduce the weight to the utmost without damaging the texture. In addition, we use materials that make the grain of wood inconspicuous on the walls, and generously use high-quality domestic wood for pillars and shoji frames. This makes it possible to enjoy the atmosphere of a prestigious Japanese-style room without having to install wallpaper or paint.


* "Shoji / wallpaper construction available" is available as an option.



This "Wa" uses four types of wood, depending on where it is used.



The pillars and shelves on the central wall are made of Japanese traditional Keyaki, which has an oil finish. In particular, you can enjoy a prestigious Japanese atmosphere by using Keyaki with ears on the shelves.



The shoji frame and rails are made of extremely valuable domestic hemlock, which has excellent durability. It also has excellent wear resistance, so you can open and close the shoji with confidence.



By using cedar wood, which is relatively inexpensive and easy to process, for the wall frame, we have reduced the unit cost as much as possible. In addition, because it is relatively light wood, it also contributes to weight reduction.



For the wall surface, we use plywood, which is whitish and the grain of wood is not so noticeable. You can enjoy the atmosphere without putting wallpaper. Using a relatively thin material with a thickness of 4 mm, it is lightweight so that strength is not sacrificed.



"Wall series sum" was completed with a focus on Japanese sum.

Then prepare your ideas and dolls. The everyday life of a wonderful doll that is different from usual will be waiting for you.



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* This product is basically not shipped overseas. However, if you really want the item to be shipped, please contact us using the form.

Wall series sum

PriceFrom ¥79,000
  • ※税込価格 ¥86,900~


    壁series 和





     欅 柱・棚 (クリアオイル仕上げ)

     栂 障子枠・障子組子 (円内の十字部含む)・障子レール枠

     杉 壁面骨格

     榀 壁面 (合板4mm)




    全体: 幅1000mm 高さ825mm 奥行940mm

    床面設置可能サイズ: 幅900mm・高さ23mm・奥行900~1200mm

     ※和 series『畳』4.5畳専用設計(6畳セットも可※300mmはみ出します)










    和series畳 4.5畳セットは こちら