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“Light” is now available in the Japanese series!


Lights are essential for creating a Japanese atmosphere. Introducing a Japanese style stand light.



The solid wood uses 24 cypress lattices. As an arrangement, you can enjoy a different expression depending on the viewing angle by setting two thick grids on each side with a total of four grids.


To keep costs down, the base frame is precisely cut out using a laser. In addition, it is designed to be set with candle-shaped LED lights that can be purchased at 100 yen stores. This allows us to reduce costs without sacrificing luxury.



Square or round LED lights up to 40mm can be set to match the candle-shaped LED lights that are generally sold at low prices.



The Japanese series ``Light'' is designed with an exquisite size that can accommodate both 1/3 scale and 1/4 scale dolls, so it can be enjoyed by a wide range of doll owners.



The design fits both Japanese and Western styles and will brighten up your doll's room.




Japanese series

  • *Price including tax ¥9,900-

    *This product is a pre-order item.1~3 months laterwill be shipped.


    ・This is a finished product. (Pedestal partially assembled)

    ・Material: Cypress/pine

    ・Product size: Height 15cm, Width 7cm, Depth 7cm

    ・LED light storage size: within 4cm square


    *Designed to suit 1/4 to 1/3 scale doll sizes.


    *The product photo is a development sample product. The design and specifications of products for sale are subject to change without notice. Please note on your purchase.


    *Dolls, accessories, backgrounds, and other items other than the stand light shown in the image are not included.

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