Introducing a slightly luxurious "wig oil & aroma" created for dolls!

"DolFun! Wig Oil & Aroma" is a special wig oil that blends the three effects of oil, perfume, and antistatic. It was developed only for dolls by repeating trial production many times.


Wig oil is an essential part of caring for a doll wig. The more you use general oil, the more sticky it becomes. "DolFun! Wig Oil & Aroma" has been adjusted to an oil and amount that is less likely to cause stickiness. By blending an antistatic agent instead, you can maintain the cohesiveness of the entire wig without compromising its silky feel.

In addition, the aroma is also blended, and the soft scent that is neither too sweet nor too tight will softly relax your mood. The scent does not remain strong for a long time and changes to a faint scent in a few hours. Just use it as a wig oil, and the faint gentle scent will lift your mood when you approach or lift the doll.

* Effects and scents will be felt differently. Please note on your purchase.

* This product cannot be shipped overseas. Please note that overseas customers' purchases will be cancelled.

* This item cannot be shipped overseas. Please note that purchases made by overseas customers will be canceled.

Wig oil & aroma for Doll

  • * This item will be shipped within 3 business days. (Please note that if you order at the same time as the reserved item, it will be included.)

    * Price including tax ¥ 3,850-


    Wig oil & aroma & anti-static


    Ethanol, fragrance, water, antistatic agent / solubilizer

    【Internal capacity】


    * For dolls only

  • ·No fires.

    ・ When using, please be careful for people who are sensitive to fragrance, children, the elderly, small animals, etc.

    ・ Do not apply directly to the skin.

    ・ Should you drink it or get it in your eyes, rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor.

    ・ Store in a place away from heat sources and fire, avoiding extremely high and low temperatures and places exposed to direct sunlight.

    ・ Depending on the storage condition, starch or discoloration may be seen, but there is no problem with the quality.