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『Spin Chair』series

Many chairs on the market. There are so many wonderful items that you will be spoiled for choice.

Before I started dolFun!, I still vividly remember purchasing several chairs and having my dolls sit on them.

Come to think of it, I also made my own Styrofoam by carving styrofoam and pasting synthetic leather on it.

It's a very nostalgic memory.

dolFun!'s first product at Idol Tokyo was ``Chair Yen.'' Mr. A, who was helping me at the time, planned this product, and Idol Tokyo prepared close to 100 of them, and most of them were sold out. 100 pieces. . Looking back now, I realize that I was fearless. I don't know if it's because of that, but the ``Chair Circle'' chair is still very popular.

Then, the creation of a series of Chairs, such as Chair glass and Chair stepladder, began, but at the same time, I had been secretly planning the "Spin Chair" in my head for about three years. is.


Since the second version of the Spin Chair has already been released, it may feel a little late, but I would like to introduce it to you a little bit.


``Spin Chair'' makes you want to spin the doll. It was born from a simple thought.

picture? that's all? ? You may think so. That's all. That's exciting.

So I decided to make a rotating chair, but this turned out to be quite a challenge.

Dolls in the 40cm to 60cm class are quite heavy. The 40cm class weighs 5 to 600g, and the 60cm class weighs 800 to 900g. Although it is incredibly light compared to human weight, miniature furniture that supports them requires a certain amount of strength. You also have to rotate it.

If it is a major manufacturer, all you have to do is request the mold, assemble it, and fine-tune it. However, this is not the case with the weaker dolFun!. The moment I hear the word mold, I get a fever.

​I thought about using wood, but that would be extremely expensive. The image I'm looking for is a little different.

​I was thinking about this two or three years ago.


As the days go by and I am confused, I receive some information. Increasing the strength of 3D printer filament (material used for printing). Carbon fiber, also known as carbon. Although it has been around for about 10 years, it was unrealistic because the hardware had not caught up with it and it was inevitably expensive.

What was once unrealistic and had to be ignored suddenly became realistic. It's not cheap, but it's in a reasonable price range.

​I think it was around the beginning of 2022 that a ray of light came through.


The black parts that form the base of the Spin Chair are all printed using a 3D printer using carbon filament. 26 parts are output for each leg, including the base part only, not including the seat.

And shafts are 7 points per leg. All use stainless steel shafts with high standards of accuracy and strength.

​Also, 13 points for screws including inserts. Use hex screws for all exposed parts. Since I don't remove it often, there is no problem with regular Phillips screws, but it is visible. . I changed it because I thought hexagonal screws looked cooler.


The rotating part, which is the core of the Spin Chair, has an extremely thick machined stainless steel shaft supported by two bearings. Of course, everything goes to the maids! . Made in Japan. I'm sorry

The image is a prototype, and the current one has the space between the bearings widened to the limit. Although it is stated in the instruction manual at the time of purchase, it is maintenance-free and cannot be disassembled, so please be careful not to allow foreign objects to enter the shaft hole after removing the shaft.


Also, this is also mentioned in the manual, but even if you think the rotation is a little stiff, never apply grease. The rotation becomes heavier. If you are concerned about the roughness of the rotation, just spray a spray of silicone oil through the shaft hole.

actually,The prototype arm deformed significantly in about a week due to the summer heat and the doll's weight. 3D printing has something called the density of the printed object. In order to avoid wasting filament, it is common for the inside of a model to be about 80% hollow, but due to the problem of insufficient strength in the prototype, the arms of the ``Spin Chair'' were printed with 100% density. I am. The shape has also been changed to a slightly thicker and straighter shape.

​For those who already have the product, I think the caster arm part felt heavier than it looked. This is also one of the reasons why it is released only in 1/4 scale. Of course, we hope to overcome the issues of strength and cost and release 1/3 scale products in the future.


There is a small reason why we released the first version of the ``Spin Chair'' in the full bucket seat type ``type R''.


First of all, I really wanted people to get to know the "Spin Chair" by tightening their belt and rotating it to their heart's content. Furthermore, with the optional drive kit, it would be fun to set it up in your car and enjoy driving to the fullest.

And, as the second product, "type W" is now available.

In fact, this "type W" is a silhouette that I, who am also a designer, have created with all my heart. ​The "type R" is of course cool, and perfect for cyber productions. So, what's the difference? Bucket seats already have a fixed silhouette design. On the other hand, "type W" is a completely original design created from scratch.


There are two types of colors for "type W".

Natural is chestnut. Dark is walnut and each piece is cut from solid wood. The finish is an oil finish, allowing you to enjoy the moist feel and beautiful grain of solid wood.

In addition, the design is inspired by the colors of autumn leaves and ginkgo leaves, giving you a timeless and sophisticated silhouette that will give you a sense of warmth.



"Spin Chair" is equipped with four basic functions: caster movement, lifting, seat reclining, and rotation.

Although this is still a chair that can be enjoyed, the ``type W'' has this basic function and is also equipped with a stepless reclining backboard. This allows for a lying pose by laying down the back board.

It's so cool to be able to spin around on a chair while lying down. . Aren't you excited?

​Ah, if you turn it too vigorously like the "type R", the "type W" doll may fly away due to the design, so please do so in moderation. .

How was it?

I tried to write about the appeal of the "Spin Chair" in my own way, but I hope I got it across.

If you can get your hands on either type, I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

We hope to continue to roll out the third and fourth editions by the end of 2024, so please keep an eye out for them.

​ Well then!

Have a wonderful doll life!

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