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dolFun! Chair 円

Your important doll is always together. Whether watching TV or eating. Sometimes you will be close to you when you go out.


Why don't you give a chair to your favorite doll?


"DolFun! Chair Circle" is a very cute chair made to fit a 1/3 scale doll. But do n’t panic because you ’re small. Let's briefly explain that "dolFun! Chair Yen" is not just a toy chair.


"DolFun Chair 円" was born from the furniture craftsman of Toyohashi.


The wood used is beech. A material often used in human chairs, it is dense, hard and sticky. Fine grain and bright colors express softness and cuteness. The fineness of the grain is also as good as 1/3 scale.


Watco oil is used for the paint. After the cutting process is completed, after temporary assembly, the surface is polished with sandpaper to adjust the wood. Then apply oil. This process is repeated several times and dried to complete.


In this way, all “dolFun! Chair 円” are handmade by craftsmen.


Huh? What are you dodging? I haven't forgotten anything.

That's right. Temporary assembly is done, but this assembly is not done. I haven't forgotten, I didn't assemble it.


The purchased owner should assemble it himself. Even if it says assembly, it will take less than a minute because it only fits the three parts of the leg, cross and top plate.


“DolFun! Chair 円” is sold unassembled. And assemble as much as you need when you need it. In the room, it can be left assembled. However, when you go out, you can carry it around like a bag.


Of course, the owner may use a wood bond to bond them completely.


The “dolFun! Chair 円” that you can use forever will be your favorite doll chair.

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