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You can download the special "Christmas cake box" for free.


It's very cute with a handle and a window ♪


❶ Print A and B one by one on A4 size cardboard.

(If you have an A3 printer, print one sheet using A3 data)

❷ Cut with a cutter along the line.

❸ Glue.

❹ Fold and assemble

❺ Stick a transparent film on the back of the top plate if you like.



Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆

Christmas cake box

  • "Christmas cake box"


    You can download it for free .


    File type: Zip file (PDF x 3)

    Print size: A4 x 2 / A3 x 1 (for A3 printer printing)

    Assembly internal dimensions: length 82 mm, width 82 mm, height 64 mm


    * This content can be used freely by individuals, but it cannot be used for commercial purposes.


    * Box only.

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